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Everytown Website Helps Nobody

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Everytown for Gun Safety website offers scary statistics but few solutionsBy now everyone has heard of former Mayor Bloomberg’s latest project “Everytown for Gun Safety”. It’s no surprise that Everytown’s launch occurred on the same day as the opening of the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings, if for no other reason than it gave Everytowners a single location and group of people to focus their opening move. It was especially necessary to have something like NRAAM for Everytowners to attack since, from my research, they have very little legitimate arguments to unite them. I was willing to give this new group the benefit of the doubt. I could have overlooked the Bloomberg backing if the group actually did what they said and spread the word about “gun safety”. However, the website behind the name lived up to none of it’s promises. In fact, I found that the website of “Everytown for Gun Safety” offers nothing but scare tactics and empty statements.

I’ve decided to compare the section of the Everytown website that claims to offer gun safety tips for parents to the NSSF’s “Project Child Safe” program. The two entities claim to make a goal of the safety of children in homes where guns are present, so I figured both would offer similar advice to parents. (Ok, I didn’t really expect that, but I was trying to think positively.)

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