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Losing Relationship Weight with 3Gun

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

gun girl notices some fatI'm sure I shared with you guys that at the end of last summer I met my ideal match; Lets call him "Big J". He's a dream boat and after many years of the single-life I feel incredibly lucky and blessed. One of our many shared interests is food. He loves to cook and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. Since he's a meat and potatoes kind of guy we often have big meals that include a protein and a startch, a combination that had formerly been a rarity in my life.*

After over 10 years of very a stable body weight, I began noticing some extra jiggles in certain places. I should point out that it's not like I was working at it over those 10 years. My eating habits consisted of snacking when I found the time and that was about it. Also, I don't weigh myself or stressing over dieting because I believe paying too much attention to such things is probably the cause weight gain and is generally no fun.

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