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Tales From a 3 Gun beginner: 2 Stages Complete

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

girl with rifle shoots 3 gun match
In my second stage of the Freedom Munitions Memorial match there was no rifle work, only shotgun and then pistol. There was some running down stairs after ditching ones shotgun. I wondered, “What’s with this stage designer?” Ladders (see my post about the first stage of this match), stairs… What’s next? Rappelling??!?
To add to the issue of the stairs, we had to turn 180 degrees from the stage, in order to run down them. This inspired the fear of breaking the 180 degree rule. Fortunately we should have grounded our shotguns prior to turning around and were not to draw our pistols until we had passed a specific tree root, er, fault line. After that it was a lot of pistol shots, first to paper, then to steel. I felt confident with these two guns and had a plan that took into consideration my inability to move and fire at the same time.

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