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Tales From a 3 Gun Beginning: Ma Duece

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

gun girl shooting 3 gun match ArmedCandy
The last stage of my first day at the Freedom Munitions Memorial Match was filled with multiple 3 gun clich├ęs. Firstly, they included a “pick-up gun”. A pick-up gun is a surprise firearm, often provided by a sponsor, which is meant to throw a shooter for a loop. Often the shots with the pickup gun are are not scored or they only affect one’s time. They are not usually anything one can prepare for, but they can be a great opportunity to get behind some pretty rare weapons. Also, we were provided ammo by the title sponsor for our shotguns, which was staged in a dump barrel.

Our fourth stage included six .50 BMG rounds out of a Ma Deuce with the gun set on full auto. These shots were to be aimed at an old truck, set about 150 yards down range. Once the shots were fired the RO would then start the clock. So really, this pick-up gun was purely a way to get shooters starting in an odd uncomfortable position. Fortunately, early in my training, one of my coaches had taught me to “make ready” by arranging my body (especially my feet) so that when the buzzer sounded, I’d be ready to run. This advice worked perfectly, for the Ma Deuce stage. I planned to shoot the big gun with one (knee-pad clad) knee on the ground and the other foot ready to push off and go. However, as always happens when the time comes, I ended up shooting the Ma Deuce in an odd squatting position and then sprinting to the first stop in the stage. Luckily, this was a bit faster than the original plan.

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