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Tales From a 3 Gun Beginning: Selecting A First Match

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

how a gun girl chooses her girls 3 gun match
I learned so much from my first 3gun match, but now, after a month has passed, I feel it time to boil down the data into a few simple lessons that other beginners might find useful.

Let me be frank, I chose wrong. A major match, with two days of shooting, driving between stages and a pro squad, was the wrong place to jump-in. Having now shot a local/monthly match yesterday, I am keenly aware of my mistake. However, there was also a number of issues within the Freedom Munitions Memorial match, that was facilitated by Tarheel 3gun of South Carolina, that if encountered by a beginner, will further impede their enjoyment and success at a first match. Problems such as: poor or lacking communication with participants prior to date of match, poorly trained or misinformed ROs and match staff, missing data or lack of back up scoring systems and unclear stage design/rules/scoring will rob everyone, especially beginners of an enjoyable match.

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