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Tales From a 3 Gun Beginning: Thinking Like a 3 Gunner

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

3 gun competitors James Casanova, Janna Reeves & beginner, Gabby Marcuus
After training with top 3 gun pro-shooters for months now, I have begun to understand their methodology. I like 3gun as a shooting competition, because it’s all about assessing a situation and thinking on your feet. Every stage can be tackled a number of different ways and every shooter will have their own technique for approaching one. At this past weekends ATL3Gun match, a shotgun-only stage had my squad a bit puzzled. There were 18 clays spread throughout a “jungle” environment. Some clays were hidden behind trees and could only been seen from specific angles. Further, there was no obvious path through the shooting area.

I have a lot of respect for 3gun stage designers, because the consideration that is required to scatter targets so that they challenge a shooter but stay within the confines of the 3gun game, is mind boggling. Being aware of the limitations of equipment, reasonable angles to reach outside the shooting box, and targets that can only be shot with certain projectiles, is a lot of concepts to keep in mind all at once. However, as a shooter of such stages, we too must break them down to the capabilities of ourselves, our equipment and the rules of the game.

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