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Gabby of ArmedCandyWelcome! Curious about the origins of ArmedCandy?
Here's the story:
ArmedCandy began with one girl, Gabby Marcuus, who was curious about firearms. She had lots of questions but was forced to hunt for each answer.  She knew she couldn't be the only one.  So she started collecting and sharing her discoveries, and a community soon grew.

As ArmedCandy developed, so did Gabby's knowledge of shooting and the related industry.  She began to realize that the world of firearms lacked the products female shooters desired.  So Gabby took her background in design and her excitement about guns, and got down to business.

ArmedCandy is a source of information, discussion and fun through the blog, FaceBook page and other social media. Though growing, ArmedCandy strives to keep the perspective of an everyday girl. Additionally, Gabby is preparing to open The ArmedCandy Shop which will offer products that are hand selected or specifically designed for the ArmedCandy community.

ArmedCandy Team


Gabby Marcuus- Founder, Writer, Editor, Web Designer...

GabbyThough born a New Yorker, Gabby loves her adopted southern home.  She shoots, cooks, gardens and crafts, but she may be picking up  a new hobby as we speak. She is constantly on the hunt for the best gear available to the female shooter; And if she can't find it, she might build it herself.

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Dana - Contributor

Walther and MeDana is from Upstate New York and is brand (spanking) new to the wonderful world of firearms. She began her blog, "Walther and Me" to share the lessons she was learning as a new female shooter in New York State. By sharing her thoughts with ArmedCandy readers, Dana hopes to empower women toward gun ownership, as well as make some new friends along the way. Join her as she journeys from fear to conceal carry and beyond.

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Lauren - Contributor

LaurenLauren is a New York City girl, who is fighting to keep her Second Ammendment rights. Despite not being born into the shooting world, she has immersed herself in all things firearms and spends her time learning as much as she can. She holds her own when playing ball with the guys but still loves all things pink, loud music, high heels, and make-up. When Lauren's not at the range, you can bet she’s coming up with ideas to girl up her gear!

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C-Mag - Contributor

C-Mag"C-Mag" another "gun-lover-by-choice", (rather than by-birth) but he makes up for this with enthusiasm and knowledge. C-Mag has been visiting the shooting range for 5 years, while concealed carrying daily and building a small collection of pistols. Recently, he added two new miles stones to his gun-life. First, rather than simply purchase his first rifle, this licensed architect is building an AR-15 from the ground up. Second, in his free time he has begun volunteering as a Range Safety Officer at his local gun club. "C-Mag" admits that while acting as RSO, the female, new-shooters he meets, are easier to teach than the guys, and usually natural marks-women!

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