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Have Gun Will Travel - Part III

By Gabby

Parts I & II can be found here.

Carrying, Driving, Staying
    Once I land, I will be renting a car and taking an extended drive to my destination. I am fortunate enough to be staying at a private residence where I know guns will be welcomed. I have checked that the destination state accepts my concealed carry permit using the link below.
In what states is my permit accepted?
Georgia Carry Permit Reciprocity States

  • Can I load, holster, and resume concealed carry once I have retrieved my check bag?
      I think it would be smart to wait until I have left the airport and am actually in my rental car, before I dig through my luggage. Also, I am studying up, because while GA allows special privileges, like open carry, my destination state has different rules for it's permit holders. I will not be able to carry as if I were in my home state. Remember, ignorance toward the laws of a state I am visiting, will not keep me from being prosecuted, if I violating them.
  • If I didn't fly my ammo, where can I buy it when I arrive?
      Mapquest Baby!  Actually, I will attempt to include a few magazines worth, of defensive rounds (in the manufacturer's box) in my luggage.  However, for practice rounds, I will predetermine a Walmart or similar that is along the drive and program it into my gps.
  • What sort of paperwork should I bring?  In GA we don't register our weapons, might I have to show some proof of ownership in another state?
      On my IPad I will save the following PDFs:
    • receipt from the purchase of my gun
    • a scan of my GA carry permit 
    • the TSA's rules regarding flying a weapon
    • my airline's rules regarding flying a weapon
    • the gun laws of my destination state
    • the gun laws of GA

    This is my plan and I believe it to be thorough, but I will let you know how things go, upon my return!

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    Gunnera4 said...

    one correction to that map, vermont does not issue "pistol permits" or "concealed carry" permits, and does not "register" firearms. no permit is required to purchase, own and carry a pistol, openly or concealed. as long as you "mind your own business and keep the peace" you're good to go. i've lived here for 45 years, carrying both openly and concealed and never had a problem.

    Gunnera4 said...

    note: add to the above, vermont fish and game law requires rifles and shotguns must be unloaded when carried in a motor vehicle, a pistol, or revolver is considered a "defensive weapon" and may be carried loaded in a motor vehicle. convicted felons may not own, possess or carry any firearm.

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