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We're Reading- "5 ways to stay focused during a matchHunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women"

5 ways to stay focused during a matchHunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women

The Rogers Report: Randi Rogers shares ways to beat stress and tedium associated with shooting competitions. One of the reasons that I love shooting is the rush that you get. ...

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We're Reading- "Rockcastle Shooting Center – Where Southern hospitality and firearms meetHunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women"

Rockcastle Shooting Center – Where Southern hospitality and firearms meetHunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women

She Shoots 2: Michelle Cerino describes why she loves Rockcastle Shooting Center and its women-only courses. Shoot The Rock! What? Isn’t that dangerous? No, silly, that’s just what we say when we are heading to Rockcastle Shooting Center (The Rock) at Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Ky. ...

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3 Gun Gear - Competition Belt

By Gabby

CR speed competition belt explained
If you think you're going to show up at a 3 gun match with your concealed carry belt or a basic reinforced nylon belt, you've got another thing coming. The other night I tried to load up my Uncle Mikes Reinforced Instructors Belt and run a few speed loading drills with my new shotgun, and all I got was a rude awakening.

A double layered belt is an absolute necessity for 3 gun.[tweet this]
The following images are of a CR Speed belt, but there are a number of other companies who make similar models.


Good Sportsmanship Comes Natural to Gun People

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

competitive shooting naturally breeds good discipline behavior and sportsmanshipMaybe I'm biased, but I have seen more impressive acts of true sportsmanship from the competitive shooting community than from any other sport in America. Everything from the courtesy extended to me when I visit a match to the written rules of the 3 Gun Nation, lead me to feel this way. I would even go so far as to say that children who participate in the shooting sports seem to be better behaved and have better manners than any other group of kids I've seen. Can this all be credited to guns?


3Gun Drills

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

3gun drills Gabby learned from training with some of the Noveske shooting teamWhile practicing and learning 3 gun stuff with Janna Reeves and James Casanova (two members of the Noveske Shooting Team) I learned a little bit about how to train. Since running through stages isn't always feasible and isn't necessarily the most effective way to attack specific skills, we began with some small drills. The first was designed to speed up target acquisition and the second pushed accuracy as well as physical stamina.

To set up the first drill, called a "Par Drill," one needs a shot timer with the ability to sound a second buzzer once a pre-set amount of time has elapsed. The shooter stands at low ready. This drill can be done with any type of gun but the target should be adjusted for whatever firearm is being used. We practiced with our rifles and a gong target set up at about 50 yards. The buzzer sounds and the shooter should get thier sights on target and then take the shot. This is done five times and then an average is calculated.

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We're Reading- "7 Tips for introducing young girls to shootingHunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women"

7 Tips for introducing young girls to shootingHunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women

Marti Davis Afield: Marti shares ways to get young girls interested in shooting. I grew up in a family that has always enjoyed the outdoors. To be honest, I can’t even remember my first time shooting. I can tell you this; it has been at least 30 plus years ago, probably closer to 35. ...

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Expensive Gear does not make the Competitive Shooter

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

learning to shoot competitively has nothing to do with buying expensive gearDoes expensive gear make you a better competitive shooter? We've all seen that guy, rolling up in a zombie hunter H3, always buying guns, but never actually goes to the range to shoot. It's easy to get into all the gear, especially in 3Gun, but knowing how to use it is key when the buzzer sounds. Should a beginner spend a few thousand on their first long gun so they can get into competing or just a few hundred and then dive into training? Extended controls and low drag whatsits may make a person appear knowledge-able, but will they shave seconds off your time, like they do for the pros?


First Run at a 3Gun Stage

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

The gong to start with is at 50 feet. There's another at an angle, so let's say 60 feet, with four steel poppers inbetween. I am allowed to start moving and engage two silhouettes with two plates attached to each. Dump the rifle with safety on and pick up shotgun. Break nine clays and come around a table to either, knock down five steel targets with shells or dump the short gun and take on the rest with pistol. One silhouette to the right, another with a plate to the left. Two more steel gongs and five steels to knock down at the end.


A New Gal on the 3Gun Pro Series Tour

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Janna Reeves is a new woman to the 3 Gun Pro Series Tour shooting for Noveske TeamThis past weekend marked the beginning of the 3 Gun Nation's 2014 Pro Series Tour. In Owasso Oklahoma the best of the best met and kicked off a competition that will continue until early 2015. Janna Reeves, the newest member of the Noveske 3 Gun Team, is one of 12 women who make up the women's division. Having won the Qualifier back in February, Ms. Reeves went into this weekend with high expectations of herself. Unfortunately, she came back to her new Georgia home, less than than thrilled with her performance.


Is my AR15 ready for 3Gun?

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

woman's ar15 rifle ready for 3gunWhen I built my tactical turquoise AR-15 last year, I had no idea that this year I would be preparing to use it for a 3gun competition. What I built is a fun, pretty gun, that is nice and light and easy for a beginner to pick up and try out. However, I have a feeling some changes should be made.


Buying a Recalled Gun

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

A little over a year ago I wrote a post about a concealed carry pistol for which, I had fallen. The XDs 3.3 9mm was introduced at SHOTShow 2013, I shot it, and as happy as I was with my Walther PPS, I couldn't stop thinking about how well the XDs fit. For the past year I've thought about buying the gun, but just couldn't justify the expense of two concealed carry guns. Then Springfield issued a major recall on the new 9mm as well as the previous year's release, .45ACP. Fast forward one year and I find myself buying an XDs 3.3 9mm.


Reader Email- How to Upgrade from a .22

Women with guns
Dear Gabby,
I do my shooting with a .22 pistol now, but I am wanting to upgrade. I am wondering yours thoughts on 9mm vs. 40 cal debate. I am also wondering if you have a favorite pistol as well as any buying tips you might have.