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Myths & Facts: 3 Gun Pro Squad

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Janna Reeves, Gabby Marcuus and James Casanova at Freedom Munitions Memorial Match June 2014At many major 3 gun matches, big name, sponsored, professional shooters are placed on a squad together. This tends to keep them out of reach of the other shooters at the match. Because of this system, the pro squad seems to hold some mystique. I have heard some people’s beliefs about being on this elusive squad and some of these opinions really make me giggle. So, after shooting the Freedom Munitions Memorial Match at Clinton House Plantation in South Carolina last weekend and being the greenest member of the pro squad, I feel it is my duty to set the record straight.


Gun Shaped Object Contest, Beginning Right Now!!

By Gabby

gun shaped contest guess the object from Janna Reeves collection and winI'm not sure how many of you are aware of this, but Miss Janna Reeves is a collector of all things miniature and gun related. I am based at the Noveske Shooting Team Playhouse for the weekend and every time I turn around I find more goodies that have a barrel and trigger, but nowhere to put ammo! It's like a fun little treasure hunt to see how many items in this house are gun shaped, but not actually guns.

I've been trying to think of a way that y'all could enjoy this hunt with me, and then a light bulb went off... 
Today I will start a contest!


3 Gun Decisions: Shotgun Speed Loading Method

By Gabby

3 gun shotgun speed loading methodsPart of the interesting thing about 3 Gun, is that it's all about decisions. Some are made on the fly, others are made when selecting gear, but each one comes with trade-offs. When choosing a shotgun loading method, you can go with weak hand, strong hand, load one at a time, load more. The list goes on and on.


Losing Relationship Weight with 3Gun

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

gun girl notices some fatI'm sure I shared with you guys that at the end of last summer I met my ideal match; Lets call him "Big J". He's a dream boat and after many years of the single-life I feel incredibly lucky and blessed. One of our many shared interests is food. He loves to cook and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. Since he's a meat and potatoes kind of guy we often have big meals that include a protein and a startch, a combination that had formerly been a rarity in my life.*


Everytown Website Helps Nobody

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Everytown for Gun Safety website offers scary statistics but few solutionsBy now everyone has heard of former Mayor Bloomberg’s latest project “Everytown for Gun Safety”. It’s no surprise that Everytown’s launch occurred on the same day as the opening of the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings, if for no other reason than it gave Everytowners a single location and group of people to focus their opening move. It was especially necessary to have something like NRAAM for Everytowners to attack since, from my research, they have very little legitimate arguments to unite them. I was willing to give this new group the benefit of the doubt. I could have overlooked the Bloomberg backing if the group actually did what they said and spread the word about “gun safety”. However, the website behind the name lived up to none of it’s promises. In fact, I found that the website of “Everytown for Gun Safety” offers nothing but scare tactics and empty statements.


3 Gun Tip: Running

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

gabby of ArmedCandy practicing 3 gun and learning how to run and gunIn many shooting competitions when you see a small shooting box demarkation on the ground you know, this is the spot from which I will shoot. These boxes are usually about two feet by two feet. Shooting from anywhere outside this box is a really bad idea. But in 3 gun this is not exactly the case. Shooting boxes are often huge and they give the shooter a lot of freedom. As I began learning about 3 gun and attempting to combine running, shooting and thinking, this freedom began to confuse the heck out of me.


Second Annual Concealed Carry Fashion Show

By Dana

Stylish decorations for the 2nd annual concealed carry fashion showAbout two weeks ago I headed to the Second Annual Concealed Carry Fashion Show with my friends Amy and Stephanie, and we had a great time! For those of you who may not know, Trish Culter, the pistol permit clerk in Columbia County, New York, came up with the fantastic idea to hold a concealed carry fashion show to help educate and train women how to carry firearms safely.
This year the fashion show was held at Birch Hill in Schodack, NY which was a much better setting for a fashion show and was able to accommodate a larger crowd than last year. I think they said 450 people attended this year which is fantastic.  We arrived when the doors opened at 3pm and, after checking in, immediately went into the main room.  And boy did it look amazing!  


Fear of the "How did that criminal get a gun?" Question

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

do gun owners fearing a discussion about how guns are procured by criminalsWhen a tragedy occurs, it is human nature to attempt to reason our way through it. We have all sorts of questions, and everyone of them is valid and reasonable to the mind of their creator. Yet, when I asked, last week, that we assess how the perpetrator of the Overlandpark, KS shootings procured his guns, the response was a virtual sock stuffed in my mouth.


Jews Ready to Take Up Arms Yet?

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Jews and gunsI’ve just returned from another visit to New York City. I was there to celebrate with my family, the holiday of Passover, the redemption of the Hebrews from slavery in ancient Egypt. The night before we were to begin the festivities, breaking news came over the air waves. Jews had been targeted outside Kansas City. Many questions can now be raised about the man who perpetrated these crimes; Since he had been previously indicted on weapons charges, in 1987, how did he get the guns used in these crimes? As a known white supremacist in the area, why was no one able to prepare for and stop the suspect, prior to his attacks. But as we watched the details unfold, these were not my questions.


Chivalry and the Gun Girl

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

Janna Reeves Cheering on Gabby of ArmedCandy as they practice 3 Gun"Ladies first," is no longer a term that carries any meaning. Doors are not heald open anymore and checks are split on dates. One could say that these were signs of the women's liberation movement winning the equality battle, but that's only if we make the mistake of equating genteel behavior with inequality. It's the fault of both parties involved. Men should be holding themselves to a minimum standard of gentlemanly behavior. Women should demand the treatment due to a lady...As long as she acts like a lady.


We're Reading- "5 ways to stay focused during a matchHunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women"

5 ways to stay focused during a matchHunting, shooting, fishing and adventure for women by women

The Rogers Report: Randi Rogers shares ways to beat stress and tedium associated with shooting competitions. One of the reasons that I love shooting is the rush that you get. ...

read more at http://ift.tt/1n7NlW8


First Look Review: SIRT Pro from Next Level Training

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

SIRT Pro training pistol reviewAfter reviewing a number of laser training systems, I now have the pleasure of testing Next Level Training's SIRT Pro Training Pistol. I got a few minutes with this tool at SHOTShow 2014, and was very impressed with the realism of the product. The SIRT Pro is shaped just like a Glock 17. The slide is metal and the frame plastic, just like the real thing. Even the weight is similar and it has a detachable weighted magazine. The SIRT has two built-in lasers. The laser that comes from within the muzzle is green and appears when the trigger is fully depressed. A red laser appears from just below the muzzel and is activated anytime the trigger is touched. It is called the "trigger prep laser". A small switch on the top of the slide allows the user to turn the trigger prep laser on or off. These are the only function options the SIRT offers. Why would you want the trigger prep laser on or off? Well, if you want to see the difference in the movement of the gun from the beginning to end of your trigger press, the first light can be helpful. It can also be useful to an instructor who is watching over your shoulder.