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Advice: field strip

When I purchased my first gun, after all the paperwork was finished, I asked the guys behind the counter,
  "How do I clean it?" They looked at me, and with complete seriousness said,
  "Go on YouTube." At first I thought the guy was just being lazy, but I have since learned that this really is the best answer. If a gun store employee shows you how to do this himself, he takes a risk of scratching your new gun, or popping you (or himself) with tight new spring (yes, I did, and it hurt). Sure, you can have a gunsmith do the job, but then how will you learn?

Every gun is slightly different and though most breakdowns are simple, you should take the time to learn your own firearm, in and out.

I've sifted through tons of videos and compiled a list of the best field strip demos available. Let me know if you find better or if you think I should add a specific brand or model.

Click here to read about my learning experience in regard to cleaning my first gun.

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