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Gabby's off to Shoot a Bear, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

black bear cub! a girl takes her gun to defend her friends from a bear
Have I told you about my bear hunt?

First, you should know that I've never pointed a firearm at anything with a heartbeat, let alone a cute furry animal.

Second, I'll admit that this was no "hunt" and it was technically over before it began, but it was an exciting moment in my gun-wielding life and I hope you enjoy it.
A few weeks ago I was leading an event in the north Georgia mountains and yes, I was carrying a walkie talkie. A woman from our group approached me and was very concerned about two other women who had gone on a hike at dusk. The two hikers had left the grounds and headed deep into the Chattahoochee National Forest. The woman telling the story had been walking along the road near our site, when a truck approached her. They told her that the women were headed into an area known to be heavily populated by black bears. Those in the truck had tried to warn the women, even offered them a ride, but the women had avoided the truck and contact with those inside.

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