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A Shooters' Romance

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

dave%2520and%2520brooke%2520sevigny%2520at%2520steel%2520challange%2520Georgia%2520state%2520championship%252020145In honor of Valentine’s Day (or in celebration of it passing with minimal collateral damage) I’d like to tell you a story of a great love shared by two top gunners.

One half of the pair, is a southern belle who is as sweet as she is gorgeous. The other half, is a northerner come south, who I have heard called, “the Michael Jordan of the shooting sports.”
Three years ago they met at the ranch of a mutual friend while relaxing and shot gunning the afternoon away. Until that point, our story’s heroine had not been involved with pistol shooting or competition shooting, but as they became friends they spent a good deal of time at the range together.

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