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I Need to Share a Secret

By Gabby

# In January, I was heading for SHOTShow with excited anticipation, but also a little fear. I believed that there was one thing about me that could destroy my reputation with the firearm community. It was a secret I thought I needed to keep from all of them, imagining that if they knew, they would run me out of town.
I spent the week in Las Vegas feeling more at home and more inspired to bring together women and guns, than I have at any other point in my life. I enjoyed the people personally and professionally, the products for their design as well as their function, the conversations for networking purposes and my own personal growth.

At one point I found myself engrossed in a conversation with a fellow member of the gun press and felt that she might be open to hearing my secret without judgement. I held my breath and told her my secret.
  "I'm not a member of the NRA," It was easier to admit than I had expected, but her response was even more reassuring,
  "Ha, I thought I was the only one."

That's when I realized, there was a community within a community in the gun-world. I'm not the only one questioning the organizations ideals and leaders. As the week went on, I "confessed" to a few more people. Each understood exactly what I was feeling, and agreed. Most responded with a guilty, "I'm uncomfortable with [some individual policy] too, but I'm a member anyway." It made me sad while I was feeling so comfortable and happy. I only share this with you now, because the conflict wears on my daily and I'm hoping to hear your input.
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NDM said...

The one thing that you didn't share here, though, is why you aren't a member. I would hope no NRA member is going to bash a fellow gun owner for taking issue with a position Wayne LaPierre or the organization takes, and I can understand the trepidation... But your post just begs the intriguing question of what made you choose not to join. Of course, I would also hope that my fellow members would respect your right to keep your reasons to yourself if you so choose :)

Roger Holmack said...

That's okay. No big deal! You like to shoot and that's what counts. Besides, I had to threaten them with excommunication if the calls for donations didn't stop. I mainly joined cause I like the American Rifleman magazine. And I don't mind supporting the cause either, just don't like the calls for donations.

oldbutnotstupid said...

The NRA was working to protect your gun rights long before you became a gunnie. They will continue to do so without your support. My concern is although you are a confessed newby, your platform gives you a position of influence. Because of your now public stand, others may be discouraged from joining the only national organization with the wherewithal and political capitol to really make a difference in the protection of our gun rights. I, on the other hand, support and encourage others to join the NRA. I enjoy your blog, but do you really think outing yourself as anti-NRA furthers the cause of gun rights at this crucial time? United we stand and...well you know the rest.

Chad said...

Don't worry, it's not a huge deal. I sometimes think the NRA makes us all look even worse in the eyes of anti-gun people. Not that I don't like what they do. They fight for our rights, but other organizations do too. As long as you're out there spreading the good word for gun owners, I don't think anyone is going to give you much flack.

Kalaryn said...

Like NDM, I'm curious as to your reasons for not joining as well. I'm not a member either but it hasn't even been a year since I started shooting pistols and rifles regularly, before this it was only shotguns once a year with the company I work for.

I sort of think about joining but I think I am apprehensive for personal reasons that I probably shouldn't state here because I'll probably be attacked but here it goes. I haven't yet because I grew up in an anti-gun family and they still are and have no understanding of my love of guns. I had grown up with this idea that the NRA were fanatics (I'm learning that they are not though). So I part of me hesitates to join because of these past erroneous beliefs and part because it just hasn't crossed my mind to do so. (blush)

EdjO said...

I feel you have answered the question & I respect your decision.

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