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Second Amendment isn't Cutting it

By Gabby

#No one would ever call my family "liberal," politically speaking. And yet, my industry of choice, makes them extremely uncomfortable. The last thing I would want to do is hurt them, but I have found world for which I am passionate and it happens to need some vocal support in a politically turbulent time. I appreciate those who are outspoken about their love of America and The Constitution, and I know we are on the same side about keeping our freedom. However, there has been something bothering me for a number of months and it's time I got it off my chest.

There are plenty of people in this country on the fence about guns. They have no problem with self defense but are confused, or need a little convincing, on a number of the details. They have real questions and want real answers, but they rarely speak up because all they see is the response given to the outspoken left and they never see anything else. Every time I see a fellow gun advocate use the answer, "Because the 2nd Amendment gives me the right..." in my head, all I hear is talk to the hand!

My family are some of the people who have kept an open-mind. I'm very proud to say that by gently answering their question, and only sometimes agreeing to disagree, my mother's first response to the Connecticut school shootings was not, "Guns are evil..." But instead she tearful said to me, "If only someone had been carrying a gun, they could have stopped the guy." SUCCESS!!! I may have danced a little...but then remembered the somber-ness of the moment.

My point is, the arguments are strong for our side. We know this, in part because the founding fathers agreed with us. But that doesn't give pro-gun people like us, a pass on civility and polite conversation. If you are faced with a question like, "Do you really need a 30-round clip?" After giving a lesson on the anatomy of firearms, take the high road, and explain the tactical advantage a criminal will have over you, if you are denied such an option. Then show your inquisitor a tactical reload and challenge them to a timed competition.

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JustSomeGuy said...


I'm with you on this thought, and I always endeavor to shape my responses to my audience. Cheesy or no, 'ambassador' for gun rights is more effective than 'thought police' or 'hitman.'

Having said that, I've been around the community long enough to know where the curt responses come from. The hostility and vilification gun rights proponents experience tends to turn even the saintly bitter. Sometimes I have to remind myself...effective conversion does not come from caustic dialogue. Some days I have to remind myself more than thrice...


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