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Is my AR15 ready for 3Gun?

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

woman's ar15 rifle ready for 3gunWhen I built my tactical turquoise AR-15 last year, I had no idea that this year I would be preparing to use it for a 3gun competition. What I built is a fun, pretty gun, that is nice and light and easy for a beginner to pick up and try out. However, I have a feeling some changes should be made.

Currently, my AR has a 14.5" gov't profile barrel with a 2" compensator pinned to it. The gas system is mid-length as is the free floating hand guard. I installed very little Picatinny, but now have backup front and rear, flip up sights and a tiny Burris red dot attacked to the upper reciever. The lower is billet with a deluxe LWRC kit installed. The Ergo grip and Mission First Tactical stock are still my favorites. I doubt those need changing, but I'm questioning almost everything else. 

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Grog said...

FWIW, I wouldn't change anything before the match. If you're used to shooting it this way, leave it as is. If you do change it, I would suggest having an 18" barrel, preferably with .750" at the gas block. I'm not a professional shooter, this is just my observation from having shot these rifles for some years.

By the way, the read more link doesn't work.

Best of luck to you in the match. :)

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