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Good Sportsmanship Comes Natural to Gun People

By Gabby For Gun Nuts

competitive shooting naturally breeds good discipline behavior and sportsmanshipMaybe I'm biased, but I have seen more impressive acts of true sportsmanship from the competitive shooting community than from any other sport in America. Everything from the courtesy extended to me when I visit a match to the written rules of the 3 Gun Nation, lead me to feel this way. I would even go so far as to say that children who participate in the shooting sports seem to be better behaved and have better manners than any other group of kids I've seen. Can this all be credited to guns?

I have combed through the 3GN rule book a few times now, and I noticed that they include a note to spectators. The rules state that tee shirts displaying obscenities and the like, will not be tolerated at matches. They also spell out rules of conduct that have nothing to do with gun handling or participation. I think this is wonderful!

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