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Concealable 9mm Pistols IV

By Gabby

CZ ProTek 9mm Concealed Carry handgunThe number one reason that firearms are a part of my life is because shooting brings me so much pleasure. Not only do I feel good when I shoot well, but knowing that I have this hobby and set of skills, makes me walk taller almost all the time. The case has been made to me that a conceal carry gun isn't a firearm that is enjoyable to shoot, but this concept bothers me. I don't want to own a gun that I don't like to shoot. I won't want to carry such a gun and I won't want to to pull it out and use it, if a need arises.

We've been discussing 9mm conceal carry pistols that are changing the way we think about carry guns, but how about we take it one step further? How would you like a concealable 9mm that would be the first out of your range bag when it's time to practice; A gun that, in a pinch, you might even use for competition...?

I can't wait to get some trigger time with the Pro-Tek from the CZ Custom Shop. They've taken the 75 platform, (that makes my heart go boom) specifically, the compact P-01, and tweaked it for a more carry-able option. The frame is an ultra light aluminum, rather than the original steel. The slide has been slimmed down to remove even more weight. The hammer has been swapped for the more angular model and both it and the trigger have been smoothed out and lightened up. Of corse, I wouldn't recommend a light trigger on a concealed carry pistol, but if you plan to shoot this gun double action, you will thoroughly appreciate the trigger job. The grips are black aluminum with a few areas made extra grippy.

The beauty of this pistol is that, because it's coming from the Custom Shop, you start with a great product that utilizes many brilliant new ideas, and you can have them adjust the details to suite your specific needs. Personally, I enjoy CZ's rubber grips, and I might prefer a shimmering baby blue to the gold.
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Roger Holmack said...

Gabby, I read through these 9mm articles. I was wondering what it was you didn't like about the LC9? While that's not my favorite, that's what I carry. I really haven't found any small gun that I can say I like. I have big hands, they all seem too small for me. My likes are...the long trigger pull, the manual safety, I made my own grip for it out tennis rack wrap and that it's 9mm. Oh, and one more thing...I picked it up for really good price from some kid who drop and broke the magazine release and the front sight. After a couple of hours on the work bench, I had that fixed. Anyway, I was wondering why you didn't like it? Roger

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