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Heather and her New York Compliant AR

By Gabby

Heather explains how her M&P 15 Sporter is a New York Compliant AR15
Heather shows Gabby her M&P 15 Sporter and explains what makes it a New York compliant AR-15 in this little video...

Having only moved down to Georgia, 15 days prior to this video, Heather is still settling in, and working hard at CJI Guns in Tucker.

Thanks to Heather and CJI Guns of Tucker GA for their help in the making of this video.

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Dave Bellewood said...

That's not NY compliant. Has a pistol grip. Semi auto with removable mag and 1 other feature (pistol grip) makes it an assault weapon in NY

RICK said...

No as long and the stock is fixed, and u have the complite muzzle and fix mag.. Its not a AW.

Dave Bellewood said...

The one in the video has a removable mag. That was the weapon I was referring to. If you wanted to FIX a magazine to be a permanent feature then YES, it would be compliant.

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