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Ar-15: A Brief History Concluded for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

20130514-231004.jpgOn Monday we learned that AR-15 was not automatically accepted by the US army when it was invented. The rifle was too new in concept for the conservative military decision makers of the 1950s but in 1960, everything changed. As the Vietnam war ramped up the M16, the military version of the AR-15, was shipping out with each soldier. But the story was far from over. The troops had been issued the M16 and told the the gun was "self cleaning". They weren't even given cleaning kits. While many were not properly trained on the M16, the bigger issues came from the skimping by the military. The decision was made to use to ball powder, rather than stick, in the ammo made for the M16. Also, the government had opted to follow the AR-15's original design, (a design created for sporting, not the battlefield) and the chamber of the M16 was not chromed.

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