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Single Girls at the Range, for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

women with guns and asking them on a dateLast week's "Dear Gabby" inspired some follow up questions so I'd like to address those, and I hope other female readers will chime in, to help the guys gain some clarity on this issue.

Some women have discovered that yes, the range is a great place to meet men. Other women feel that because they are serious about shooting, they will not mix flirting and firearms. There is, however a third group of ladies, those that both, take shooting seriously, but would also be happy to meet a gun guy they could call their own.

So how can men tell if a woman is into him, or his guns?

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Dann in Ohio said...

Dear Gabby,

Please help, I’m not sure what to do. When we first starting going out, he would take me over to his friends and out to shooting ranges fairly regularly, even showing me off a bit. He used to wrap his strong arms and hands around me, even hug me in public once in a while.

Lately though, he seems to be going out more and more without me. Recently, he went out to the range, left me at home only for me to find out later that he was with someone else. I mean just because she has a nice pair of 38’s shouldn't be any reason to just leave me at home in the dark and not say a thing.

I’m starting to worry that I’ve been used just until he could move on to something bigger and better. What should I do?


Lonely .22

(Sorry Gabby, I couldn't resist! Dann in Ohio - http://godgalsgunsgrub.blogspot.com)

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